Saturday, November 10, 2012

I found the cord ...

...for my camera so I can show you the progress on the November project ...

First, the BIG rolltop desk had to go.  The printer will go, too.  The antique chair in the corner will stay but get a facelift with new fabric.  There are several other items that will stay - my grandmother's tatted handkerchief and the stars the Kandyce brought me when she and Jonathan returned from India last year.  They've been removed for now, but they'll be back.

We've had these bookshelves for years.  They are being relegated to the garage.  What a mess, huh!  The room didn't normally look quite so bad but everything got scattered and piled helter-skelter when the desk was cleaned out.  We had to shove everything to the side to make room to move it.  

This little white desk was a Goodwill find, but it really doesn't work well as a sewing table so it's going, too.  This spot evolved without a lot of forethought as the room transitioned from classroom to sewing room, but it became a rather unworkable, unorganized, cluttery space.  The shelves were taken down and that ugly, never painted, yellow chair rail removed to make a flat space for the design wall.  I'm rethinking the positioning of the design wall, so if it doesn't go in that space, the chair rail will go back up - painted at last.

And here ... stage 1.  The carpet is gone, the paint sample on the wall, the carpet tack strips all pulled up.  (those things are wicked!) Since this picture, the seams have been filled with wood filler, the floor sanded and primed, and one coat of Behr Foggy Morn porch and floor paint applied.  The walls have also been painted Olympic Aqua Sparkle - it's not quite as jazzy as the name implies.  On the contrary, it's very light and calm .  I love the colors!  For now the room is still empty.  One more coat of floor paint and then polyurethane, I think.  

In the interim, while paint and poly dry, I'm assembling shelves for the cutting table and just thinking, and envisioning the space and how I will be using it.  I hope to get the design wall made early this week. Seeing it will really help me think through other storage options and work areas.  The cutting table will go right in the middle of the room (I think).  

It's coming.  More slowly than I would like, of course! I'm chomping at the bit to be sewing again but telling myself to be patient, imagining just how wonderful it will be to work in this space when the transformation is complete!  


Missy K said...

Love seeing the progress after talking through the vision with you Beth. (Of course, the best part was having you in my living room!)

Keep us posted!

Laura A said...

Keep up the good work! I hope some of your energy rubs off on me ;-) Maybe it's partly from all that tri-training!

Lindele said...

hahaha - your cluttered looks like my organized.