Friday, November 02, 2012

A project for November

My sewing room is getting a makeover.  I would post "before" pictures if I could find the little cord to connect my camera to my computer and download photos.  It is hiding away somewhere in a box of odds and ends that came out of my desk drawers before the desk went off to a new owner.

There is a big open space along one wall.  Shelves have been removed from the other wall.  I have a paint sample to apply tonight and we'll see if I like it.  While the paint dries, I'll move fabric and books and shelves and more fabric.  I am even thinking of pulling up the carpet and painting the floor.

I bought cubbies from Ikea to "hack" into a fabric cutting table.  I'm dreaming of making a custom sewing table for my machine.  There will be a large design wall.  Lots of ideas.

There will be chaos before there is order.

Isn't that what happens in the work of creating?


Susan said...

"There will be chaos before there is order. Isn't that what happens in the work of creating?

Yes, so true. Nicely said and a lovely thought.

Have fun with your project!

kkp said...

simultaneously jealous for me but excited for you that you get your own sewing room! the front room, on the right of the house? :)

our kitchen table is currently covered in fabric scraps, two sewing machines, my rotary cutter and mat and a bunch of paper squares. j has nowhere to do his homework. apartment living at its finest!

Beth said...

Yes, Kandyce, in the front room that is supposed to be a dining room that we've never, ever used as a dining room. Been there with fabric and sewing machines all over the kitchen table and just now very thankful to have a space to work. Wish you were here to lend me your artistic eye and think it all through!

Just Me said...

Want some help??

Lisa said...

What great memories I have of that room. My favorite is little Jubilee snuggled into a make-shift bed of piled up quilts and such, tilted on her side and sleeping peacefully by the window. The other is when it was happily covered in fabric scraps so that a sweet "quilt" could be made for Bubba. :) Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done!