Tuesday, October 09, 2012

One last time

I have been sitting at my computer all day, writing, tweaking, trying to remember, getting it all down, filling in blanks, cutting and pasting, uploading, clicking submit, printing, addressing.  For one last time, I am doing my part on a high school senior's college applications and some other important matters.

Joel wants to play soccer in college.  For the first time, I have navigated the NCAA Eligibility website and figured out just what I have to submit for our home school.  It's all done now, printed and sealed, the envelope addressed and ready to mail.

I am the designated counselor on his Common Application.  Been here five times before.  But each time, it's just a little different. So, today I have rewritten our School Profile, updated Joel's transcript, written course descriptions, and tried to remember all those books.

It is the last time I will do this.  Twenty-five plus years of learning at home with our amazing six is drawing to a close. There is so much I will miss BUT I will not miss filling out all these forms!!!  

Kicking it in to the finish line!


Bonnie said...


Laura A said...

Wow! I'm in such admiration of you! I have yet to do one of these, though I would be doing one this year if we were in the US.

What I like most in your post is the sense of faithfulness, of diligently doing the next thing, and then looking back and realizing--Wow! We did it!

Now you're entitled to a little misty-eyed reminiscing. But it means a job well done. And besides, you're already in Grandma territory, which is fun!

Susan said...

Beth, I have tried numerous times to post here, and, for some reason, I haven't had success. I gave up for awhile, but I'll try again. I just wanted to say that you have inspired me by your truly great effort all the way to the end of the things you do.

I was thrilled for you when you finished the triathlon. I loved reading how hard you worked--the process of working out and doing mental battle, too, and pushing though the difficult parts (which are many in these kinds of things!).

Anyway. We'll see if this one gets published! :-)