Sunday, October 14, 2012

Design decisions

I've been working away piecing blocks for my mom's 80th birthday quilt.  I finished them on Friday, so yesterday I spread the flannel backed tablecloths out on the deck and played around with the design for this quilt.  I am straying from my original pattern and exploring a variety of ways to put these half-square triangles and square blocks together.

Design #1 ...

Design #2 or ...

Design #3?

I posed this question on facebook and got some helpful replies.  One of them was to consider what it would look like if the reds were in the center of the diamonds.  Hmmmm???  Problem is, the blocks are already sewn together into 3 x 3 squares and to move the reds would require some ripping out and repiecing.  However, I might really like the idea of the reds in the center - a bit like the traditional way that Log Cabin blocks are pieced, with red at the center to represent the hearth, the center of the home.

Before I rip anything out, I'm getting out my graph paper and colored pencils.  I'm going to draw it out and color it in and see what I think.  I've never done this before.  All of my other quilts have either followed a pattern precisely or been very intuitive.  I was thinking there must be a virtual quilt design program online somewhere, but my limited searching has come up without any really great options.  Anybody out there know of anything like that?

Well, the tea water is hot and I have really good homemade cookies  - extra spicy chewy gingersnaps with chai spice frosting. Oh, yea!.  Time to sit down with paper and colored pencils.

 Stay tuned ...

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