Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming ...

Coming back ...

to my kitchen.  I've been a lazy and not particularly creative or inspired cook for a few months. Sometime last week, my desire to create in the kitchen came back.  A comment from a friend also made me think about coming back to this little space to write up some of my "I just ..." recipes.  So, I'll be writing about food again.  No promises on how often or for how long.  Let's start with gingersnaps.  That's a good place to start, right?

Coming along

My mom's 80th birthday quilt is coming along.  It was helpful to pull out the colored pencils and graph paper last Sunday.  I enjoyed getting into the coloring "zone" and ended up with a drawing that really helped me think about what I want this quilt to look like.  On Tuesday, my friend, Amber (who suggested grouping the reds in the center of the diamonds) stopped by and helped me think through a couple of other tweaks to the design.  Since then, I've done one more small drawing and taken apart some of the blocks to reposition pieces.  The quilt has 6 rows with four pieced blocks in each row.  I've finished four of the six rows so far.  I'd like to finish part of the quilt this week.

This is one of the original design layouts.  The finished quilt It won't look like this.  Those reds will go into the center of the diamond.  I've found with all this cutting and repiecing that a sharp seam ripper is an invaluable tool!

Coming to an end

We reached the end of an era this past week.  Our soccer playing, home schooled sons have had the good fortune to be able to play high school ball at a local private school.  It would probably have been better for them, soccer-wise, to have been able to play at our local public high school, but so far, NC isn't open to allowing home schoolers on high school teams, as our local public school was in MA.  Maybe someday, but too late for our guys.  But, I digress.

What I was going to say is that on Thursday we watched our youngest son play his very last game at Covenant.  We've been going there on fall afternoons since 2005.  I feel sad seeing it come to an end.

That's my boy, urging on, encouraging on, cheering on his teammates.  As always.

With his buddy, Cooper.  These two have anchored the defense and kept a whole lot of balls out of the goal these last few years.  I love that upside down smile of his.  It's a sort of self-deprecating smile that appears when people are saying nice things about him ...

...  like Coach Gary was doing here. He called Joel "The Commander," the one who has run the team these last three years, leading by example and with unflagging effort.

The soccer mom, with a heart-full, gets flowers at the end.  Nice.

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Susan said...

Wow, you should be so proud, Beth. That is one truly fine young man you have there! What a leader and a nice person, which is not at all surprising considering his parents. . .