Monday, September 03, 2012

Tri-training: Long ride day

Monday is our long ride day.  Our usual route is a 23 mile loop, starting and ending at our town ball field parking lot.  I've gotten so familiar with the hills, rough spots, easy sections, sights and landmarks along the way that the ride doesn't seem so long anymore. It's also much easier to push hard on the last 2 miles in, even though I'm tired, because I know I don't have much farther to go and I know it is mostly flat and downhill.  The "School Ahead" sign just before the town elementary school (which is just before the ball field) seems to pop up sooner each time and that feels good.  Last week's ride was 7 minutes faster than the time before: this week's ride was 45 seconds faster.  I think that means that I made a steep improvement last week and I'm riding along on a plateau for a little while now.  Not sure if there's time to make another steep time improvement before the triathlon, but I'll keep working hard.

There were fewer cars and more cyclists on the road this Labor Day.  That was nice.  There are fields filled with yellow flowers and spots where we get a whiff of the smell of a horse barn.  That's nice, too.

I loved our ride.  I love that I get to do it with Coty every week.  I love that today, for the first time, I actually passed him going up a hill, and no, he wasn't just letting me pass him.  He whizzed by me a little after the crest of the hill and I never got close to passing him again.  It was fun while it lasted.  He is in such good shape after a life of training and exercise.  He spurs me on to work harder, improve my technique and times, and enjoy the process.

*Coty tells me that a 2 second a mile improvement in a week is significant and that I am not on a plateau.  OK, Coach.  I stand corrected. Thanks!


llasblog said...

Ha, ha! Congratulations on passing Coty! Even a temporary victory is something to be proud of!

Kathie said...

You are doing SO well!! And a real inspiration to me (yes - I'm on my way now to add day 2 in a row to dailymile. :)