Friday, September 21, 2012

Tri-training: Last pool workout

Today was my last pool workout before the race.  Coty and I were wondering how you were supposed to enter the pool - jump, dive, get in and push off the side - and today I found out via email from the race organizer that we're supposed to jump in.  So, that's what I practiced at the pool.  Jumping and starting.  I wanted to make sure that when I jump my goggles don't slip and also practice starting to stroke.

I swam the race distance four times - twice fast and twice slow and easy.  I'm feeling so good about the swim.  I hope my confidence is well-founded. My stroke technique has improved and my times have certainly dropped so I think it will be just fine.  I feel so much stronger as a swimmer now than when I began training a few months ago.

Some of you may be wondering what you wear in a triathlon.  I did my research and found race attire I really, really like.  Want to see ...

Sugoi tri-shorts - similar to cycling shorts, but with a smaller saddle pad.

Shebeest tri-tank - which I love, love, love!  Love the color, love the fit, love how it feels in the water, on the bike, and on the run!

Giordana full-zip cycling jersey - just got this in case I want to add a jersey over my tank for the cycling portion of the race.  I wanted a full zip so it was easy and quick on and off.

I'll wear a pair of running shoes with elastic speed laces and no socks for both the cycling and the running.  That way I only have to slip my feet in and not change again.  All of this is designed to cut the transition time between disciplines, since transition times are part of your total race time.  The less there is to mess with, take off, put on, the better.

Tomorrow is the packet pick-up day.  I'll get my race number and T-shirt (yay!) and will watch a demo of how to set up the transition area.  I've already watched a few videos and read quite a bit, but it will be good to have a chance to see someone do it and ask questions.

I am getting super-excited and just eager for my jump in the pool to start it all off!

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Lisa said...

Been thinking of you all week as you prepare for tomorrow and get to test all the hard, hard work you've been doing. So proud you have made it so far and feel so good! Can't wait to hear how it goes, see pics, etc... Praying for safety and fun and that Coty can see it all! :)
Love ya!