Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tri-training: The course

Coty and I left out of here early on a beautiful Saturday morning to ride the course for the cycling portion of next week's (whoa, next week?!!) triathlon.  It starts with a quick downhill and then a long-ish gradual uphill.  After that the course is fairly easy, some nice gradual downhills, a couple of shorter up and downs that aren't very steep, one other longer uphill section and the last little bit is back up the hill we go down at the beginning.  A little steep sprint right at the end. Ouch!  But it will be fine.  It's much shorter than my longer rides each week and I always feel that if I've already ridden something before and it's familiar, it feels shorter.  It's nice to be able to anticipate where the turns, uphills and downhills are, where I can push it, where I will have to work hard, and where I will have to be tough mentally.

When we finished the bike route, we ran on the course for the final leg of the tri.  It's mostly flat (yay!), with one very gradual hill in the middle.  It's a great course for spectators because it goes around a field at the park, up and back a section of road, and around the field again.  I'm hoping my cheerleaders will be able to grab a good spot.  I know it's going to help to hear their voices.

After we ran, we went into the aquatic center to check out the pool  Wow, what a nice facility!  It helps to have a picture in my head of where we enter the pool, how we exit to the transition area, and where the mount/dismount line is for the start and finish of the cycling portion.

Really, all of this scoping out is so helpful to me.  It feels familiar now and that familiarity will help on the morning of the race.  I will know where to go.  One less thing to think about.

My work this week is to post a good swim time.  The triathlon is a staged start with the faster swimmers starting first.  I'm in the "7's" right now (you'll have to click on that link to see the Swim Ability Chart and the start rankings).  I'd sure like to be an "8" and get an earlier start.  Less bunching up along the way, the earlier you start, I expect.

I have another BIG reason for wanting an early start stage.  Coty flies to Indonesia that day!  If I get an early start time, he will be able to come and watch the whole race and stay just long enough to see me finish.  If I have a later start time, he will be able to see some of the race, but will have to leave for the airport before I get done.  He's been such an important part of this whole triathlon journey for me, I really want him to see me finish!  So, here's hoping for some good swim workouts this week.

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