Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tri-training: Accelerations

So here's that running workout I mentioned the other day - the one whose specifics had not yet been revealed to me ...

Coty and I rode our bikes to the park on a lovely, lovely afternoon.  This was the warm-up and I suppose a mini-brick, giving my legs another chance to get used to the switch from biking to running.

OK, so first we ran a mile at what I am hoping will be race pace.  I am aiming for 9:50 a mile (This is slow for runners, but if you're a Gramma, it's respectable ; )  Coty ran with me and timed our mile.  He didn't set the pace, he just let me run.  I had no idea how fast we were going.  I don't have a good sense of pace, so when we hit the mile mark and I asked the time, I was surprised that it was 9:35.

Next, we did accelerations.  We lined up on the goal line on the park football field, started out slowly and then accelerated down the field.  By the time we hit the 45 yard line, I was supposed to be going at an all out sprint.  After sprinting all out for about 10 yards, we slowed down gradually til we crossed the opposite goal line.  I was really huffing and puffing at the end.  We repeated this five times with a little rest in between.

Finally, we ran another quarter mile.  This time, Coty set the pace and told me to run at his speed.  He was running race pace and it felt slow, really slow!!!  That's what doing accelerations does - it makes the pace you've been running feel like a crawl by comparison.

When we finished the running, we hopped back on our bikes and pedaled home.  My sweetie treated me to a lemonade slushie on the way, a nice little treat after a good workout.

I feel ready but still a little nervous.  People tell me this is good, that being a little nervous gives you an edge.  The adrenaline helps you push harder without feeling it quite so much.  My sister-in-law told me to just let my body do what I've been teaching it to do.  I've put in the training.  Now let the training carry me.

The rest of this week is easy workouts.  This morning, I walked with my dear walking buddies and I'll go for an easy ride a little later.  Tomorrow I'll go swim some laps and throw in just a few fast ones.  Saturday, I'll run a little with a few yards of sprinting thrown in.  Between now and race day, I'll eat good, healthy food and get good sleep (I hope!).

I'm getting pumped, people!

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