Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Story Corps

Do you listen to Story Corps?  I don't always catch the weekly broadcast on Friday mornings, but last Friday, Coty and I were in the car, driving to Virginia.  We were going to see, among many other beloved people, our granddaughter.

Here is a link to the story we heard.  No spoilers.  Just listen.  We were both in tears.

"The last picture she saw was one of me"

Eleven years ago on this day, Coty walked to a little shop in our Cameroonian town and bought a short wave radio so we could hear what was happening in our home country.  It was a surreal time.

May I share another favorite Story Corps broadcast?  I was driving when I heard this one and almost pulled off the road.  The title is "It's the thing I've worked at hardest in my life" but I will always remember it as "Surrounded by a thousand yeses"

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tonia said...

I've got to look these up. I love Story Corps.