Friday, September 28, 2012

Needle and ThREAD #16: Sew-cial

 I'm starting to sew squares together on my mom's 80th birthday quilt, but I don't have anything to show you yet.  Too busy with other things to take pictures just now.  Oh, wait, I can show you that embellished running cap, pictured here at the end of last weekend's triathlon:

I had to get a few more fabrics for my mom's quilt, so my daughter-in-law, Kay, and I made a trek to Mary Jo's yesterday.  How I do love that place!  However, yesterday the fabric choosing did not "click" like it usually does.  I had a hard, hard time deciding.  I did finally choose a green, a yellow, and a red fabric and I like them all a lot.  I also found a couple of other fabrics for quilts that are just in the fabric stashing and dreaming stage right now!

It's a drive down to Mary Jo's so I was tempted for forgo my sew-cial plans for the evening and just stay home, hang out with the kids, and cut fabric squares.  But when I found out that everyone else was going out and I'd be home alone, I decided to go out, too!

I'd had the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild monthly meeting on my calendar for awhile, so I made another trek, this time down to the Morrison Library near South Park for the meeting.  I am soooo glad I went.  It was a fun evening with a spunky, friendly, creative group of women.  And no, they are not all young.  There are a few oldies like me there, too!  I got to share about the Sari Bari auction and give away a few auction post cards AND I got offered the opportunity to show one of my quilts.  If all goes as planned, Thomas and Kay's wedding quilt will be on display at Barnful of Quilts on October 6th.  I've never shown a quilt before (except here!) so I'm pretty excited.

For reading this week - there's nothing new to add.  I'm still working my way through the same stack of big, thick books as last week!

Happy Friday, all!

needle and thREAD

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