Sunday, September 09, 2012

More September birthdays

In the midst of the wedding festivities, we celebrated two more September birthdays ...

Erin (Saturday) - wife, mother, cook, healthy foodie, gardener, horse trainer.  My first and only daughter, the oldest of six children with five little brothers growing up, Erin knows how to get things done.  She is strong, persistent, patient, and calm.  I don't think I have ever heard her raise her voice with Clara.  She is a optimizer researcher like her daddy.  I loved being able to snuggle up next to her on the couch last night after the wedding and talk about the day.  I will always wish she lived closer.  If she did, we would cook together, go for walks, sew together, trade clothes, and give frequent foot rubs.  Happy birthday, sweetie.  I love you.

Andrew (today) has begun the adventure of teaching math in a Title One high school with Teach For America this year.  In only two weeks of school, he has begun to win the hearts of his students with his dedication, humor, high standards, and compassion.   I am loving hearing his stories and seeing how he deals with his students.  He is going to make a big difference in some young people's lives this year.  I am thankful that he lives nearby so I can cook dinner for him sometimes.  Looking forward to visiting his school soon and seeing him in his new element.  Happy birthday, sweetie ... and thanks for good conversation and time together on our long ride home from Virginia today.  I love you.

(Notice who made it into both of the birthday pictures?!  This little girl has a piece of all our hearts!)

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