Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just the stats!

It's Tuesday.  Already several people have asked me why I haven't put anything here yet about the triathlon.  I think I'm still basking in the glow of finishing it, and just thinking about the whole experience.  It's hard to put into words, so give me til tomorrow.  For now, how about the stats:

From the race website age group results:

5.50655BETH PINCKNEYHARRISBURG NC36:042:30528:581:54519:290:58:53

And a translation:

5. My overall place in my age group, I was the fifth fastest among the women, ages 55-59.

506  My race number - you remember the tattoos, right!

55  My age, but not really.  It's the age I'll be at the end of December, which is how they assign you to age groups.

skipping over the obvious ...

3  My place in the swim, in my age group.  I was the third fastest swimmer, ages 55-59.

6:04 My swim time.  Slower than I thought, but I didn't realize how it would work in the pool and how it slows you down to have to pass people at the end of the lane.

2:30 T-1 time, which means how long it took me to jog from the pool, outside to where my bike was racked, get on my shoes, sunglasses, and helmet, and jog with my bike to the bike start

5 My place in the cycling portion, in my age group

28:58  My cycling time

1:54 T-2 time, which means the time it took me to get off the bike at the dismount line, jog to my spot, rack my bike, unclip and take off my helmet, put on my cap, and get to the run start line.

5 My place in the run portion, in my age group

19:29 My run time

58:23  My total time, which includes the swim, bike, and run and both transitions.

Those last two numbers mean the most to me because I had two goals.  One was to finish the whole race in under an hour. I did it with a minute and 7 seconds to spare.  My second goal was to finish the run portion in less than 20 minutes.  My time: 19:29!  I think I was most happy about that time because, well, you all know that the running was the hardest thing for me.

The race organizers also posted overall results.  In the overall standings, I finished 155th out of 671 women, 163rd in the swim, 137th in the bike, and 198th in the run.

Most people don't really care about all those numbers.  But my sweet coach, who is now on the other side of the world, is a numbers man, and he really likes seeing all the stats and figuring out just how I did as a competitor.  He's kept track of my progress by tracking my times all through the training.  So, in honor of the man who helped me all the way, enjoy the stats.  I'll be back with more words and pictures tomorrow!

With my sweetheart, right after the race ...

and just before he headed to the airport!


llasblog said...

Woohoo! I know at least something about the importance of stats, having an athlete husband and all. I know less about the bike and swim portion, but 19:29 is a seriously good run time! And also, your age group placement is very telling.

I'll just have to show him this when he gets home. Congratulations on a job well done!

Elizabeth Foss said...

I care about the numbers. I care about the whole thing. I've been praying for you like crazy. You inspire, dar lady. Much, much love to you. And my favorite pictures are the ones with Coty:-)