Saturday, September 01, 2012

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

September is birthday month here.  We kick it off with Matthew, who enters his third decade today.  Joel commented before he headed out the door to work this morning, that he is the only teenager left around here.  I am feeling old.  

My Matthew has grown into a thoughtful, kind, studious, diligent, Christ-exalting young man.  He's back at college this birthday, studying Greek and theology in Minneapolis, so we celebrate from afar and rejoice in the gift of our son, a gracious gift from God, indeed! 

His first Greek studies in 2006 and early attempts at including Greek in his sermon notes.

I'm reminiscing, looking back at old pictures, and thanking God for Matthew this morning and I came across this ... a song Albert wrote and sang for Matthew at his college send-off party two years ago.  Seemed like a fitting video to re-post.

Hooray, Matthew, Hooray!

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