Monday, August 13, 2012

Tri-training: A little Southern courtesy

Monday mornings have become our long ride time.  Today Coty and I repeated the long loop we did last week and the 23 miles didn't seem nearly as long.  When a route starts becoming more familiar, it goes by faster.  We get to know how hard to pedal and how much we'll have to shift on the hills, what sections of road are more bumpy, and where the turns and landmarks are, when a more difficult section is coming.  I think part of the fun of the ride is learning the route.

Today, as I stopped at the stop sign at the only major intersection on our route, a pick-up truck pulled up beside me.  The driver rolled down the passenger side window and starting saying something to me.  I couldn't hear him, but thought maybe he was asking for directions. I rolled my bike over closer so I could hear and he said, "Ma'am, I just wanted to tell you that with the color of the shirt you're wearing, it's awfully hard to see you.  It's the same color as everything out here, the grass, the trees, everything.  I just wanted you to know that."

He was very nice.  I thanked him and told him I appreciated him telling me.  He pulled off and I pedaled off, very aware that I had just been given a little gift of concern, mixed with a large dose of southern courtesy.

Note to self: Wear a BRIGHT shirt when cycling.  No more grass/tree green for long rides!


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