Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tri-training: It gets better

For those of who have been distressed reading about running, roadkill, and vultures, let me assure you that things are looking up this week!

Cycling: We did a long ride on Monday.  I felt crummy when we started out.  I was in a bad mood (not sure why) and after the first hill, I thought maybe I'd just turn around, go home, go to bed, and forget this whole triathlon thing.  But, I kept going, because I've experienced this enough times now to know that it will get better.   And it did get better, lots better.  When we reached the turn where we could make it 23 instead of 19, I was gung-ho.  Coty, however, had a twingy achilles so we went the "short" route.  I was tired at the end, but not exhausted.  It was a good ride.

Today, I did an interval/cadence workout.  The goal was to pedal 95-100 revolutions a minute for 5 minutes, ride easy for 5, and repeat that 4 times.  Instead, after the first 5 minutes, I felt so good that I kept pedaling at my target pace for 10 minutes, easy for 5 or so, hard again for 10.  Before and after the cadence intervals, I rode for 15 - 18 minutes (warm-up and cool-down).

I am really enjoying cycling now and made plans with Amber today for a ride we've talked about since last summer. We're pedaling to Cabarrus Creamery in Concord next Friday for sliced lemon ice cream (which happens to be my favorite ice cream in the whole world).  How's that for a goal!

After Monday's long ride

Running:  I did an interval workout on Wednesday that did not feel like death.  I jogged a half mile and then sprinted for 30 seconds.  After sprinting I walked for a minute and a half and then sprinted again.  I did 10 sprints and then jogged back home another half mile or so.  Right now, I do a lot better if I walk instead of trying to jog between sprints.  I can catch my breath and feel stronger when I start to sprint again. I'm happy to report that during this workout there were no vultures in sight anywhere.

Swimming:  It's hard to watch Franklin, Schmitt, Soni, Phelps, Lochte and all the other amazing Olympic swimmers and not just want to get in the water!  I reached the goal of swimming a mile on Tuesday.  Once again, there was that feeling early on of being tired and winded, but after 25 laps or so, I felt like I could go on for a long time.  And I did.  160 laps of our little pool = 1.14 miles.

Today, I swam after the bike interval workout.  It was a much shorter swim, but I was really getting the feel of the catch and pull.

So, aren't you distressed readers feeling better now?  I'm not in misery.  I'm not worn out.  I'm not doing too much.  In fact, I'm feeling much better than I have in a very long time and I can tell that the hard work is starting to pay off.  I feel stronger.  Distances and speeds that were difficult to impossible a few weeks ago feel easy.

There is more to say, especially after a really encouraging visit to the rheumatologist on Tuesday, but I'll save that for another post and just leave you with some totals from the week so far:

Cycling - 32.61 miles
Running - 2.65 + a 5 mile walk with friends on Tuesday
Swimming - 1.61 miles

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