Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tri-training: Are you tired of this yet?

Just wondering if you're getting a bit tired of reading about running, swimming, and cycling?  There is less than a month to go til the triathlon, so you won't have to put up with this much longer ... unless ... I decide to keep doing this.  I am thinking now that an open water swim would be an interesting and exciting challenge.  But we'll see how this first tri goes before I entertain thoughts about doing another.

Regardless of whether or not I do another triathlon, I am well convinced of how beneficial training in three different disciplines has been for me.  Each one - swimming, cycling, and running - develops different strengths, and switching things up in training helps to prevent overuse injuries.  I've told you how my feet don't hurt anymore.  I think it's simply because I am not pounding them for so long on the less strenuous, but much longer (in time and distance) walks I used to do.  6 miles (combining walking and running) is now about my max when it comes to distance - and my feet are happy about that!

OK, so what about this week?

Monday was our long bike ride day.  Coty and I did our 23 mile loop and I worked hard to stay with him.  I drafted right behind him for the first 7 miles and I knew I was going a good bit faster than usual.  When we got to what is, for me, a very hard hill at 7.5, I slowed down a bit.  I felt a little sluggish on the middle miles but regained some oomph on the last few.  When I pulled into the parking lot at the end, after pedaling hard the last 2 miles, my time was a full 7 minutes faster than the last time we did that route!

Tuesday morning is a regular "walking with friends" time.  The four of us did our four mile route together.  I get a little extra workout by pushing Peg's little sweetie, Karis, in the stroller each week.  After our walk, I headed over to the park for a run where it's flat.  I wanted to go 2 miles, trying hard to push the first mile.  I did it and logged a 9:20 first mile, my fastest yet.  The second mile was a minute slower, but no matter.  I am setting a goal for myself of running the 2 miles at the end of the triathlon in 20 minutes or less.  If I can do that after swimming and cycling, I'll be pretty happy.

Wednesday I joined an aquatics center.  My swimming has been done in our little backyard pool and it seemed like a good idea to do some workouts with longer laps before the triathlon. In addition, for getting your start time in the triathlon, you have to provide the organizers with a rating of your swimming ability.  I wanted a longer pool to be able to better assess that.  So, I'm glad for access to such a nice facility at such a reasonable price.  Yesterday afternoon, I went for my first swim and loved the feel of a longer pool.  I may have overdone it just a bit, swimming 2600 yards (1.4 miles), but oh, it felt good, and the pool was practically empty!  I was one of three lap swimmers at the time.  I think I'm going to love this and will aim at three pool workouts a week at the aquatics center.

Today, a brick workout.  Biking and running.  Not sure how far, but I know that's something I've got to work on more as the time to the triathlon gets closer.

That's all.  If you're still here, thanks for reading!

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Kathie said...

I am so impressed Beth! You truly are an inspiration. It's wonderful to hear how you are changing - growing stronger, faster and learning to love the challenge. Ok - I'll make sure I record my exercise today too - see you over at Dailymile!