Monday, August 20, 2012

The weekend

I finished this quilt.  
The binding is Kona cotton Espresso.  
It beautifully frames the intricate quilting design, which shows up best on the solid quilt back.

I don't remember the crape myrtles ever being so laden with flowers.  They look a bit like lilacs.  I wish they smelled like lilacs!  My backyard would be a perfumery.  The tiny blossoms are pink snowflakes in the breeze.

I planted so little in the garden this year.  Only basil and a few flowers.  A couple of cherry tomato volunteers came up.  I'm thankful for my herbs that flourish with little care.  Sage and rosemary bracket the basil, and a mass of lemon thyme fills a corner of the terrace below.  

It's that time of year again.  Another fall soccer season has rolled around, Joel's last as a high school player.  He's on two teams this fall, his Covenant Classical team and his FCCA team, playing Region 3 ball this year.  Lots of soccer.  We've had three games since Thursday and two coming in the first two days of this week.  Yep, lots of soccer!  So far, both teams have posted wins in their first games.  

I've already been thinking about the end of this high school soccer era and savoring the moments watching my young man, who always plays with intensity and integrity.

I'm off to run now.  I've decided that this will be the week that I learn to love running.  I'll let you know how that goes ...

Happy Monday!


Sean and Lisa said...

What a beautiful color for the quilt. Oh how I wish you lived next door to have so many gifts and skills I'd love to learn! :)

I do enjoy my running routine but seriously overdid it this past weekend. I simply couldn't stop until I reached my goal of 10 miles. I run a rocky trail in my yard and afterwards my feet felt as though they'd gone through a thresher. Oh my! My feet are much better today but I do believe I will take a couple of days off. LOL!
Good running and happy Monday to you too! :)

tonia said...

Goodness that quilt is gorgeous. I can't wait to see pictures of the whole thing!

And boy, do I wish I could come watch some soccer with you. I know just when to yell at refs and how to cheer. :)

love you.