Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tri-training: Bricks

I've been reading about bricks, which I have learned are workouts in which you do two of the triathlon disciplines back to back.  For example, you might bike and then run; or swim and bike; or run and swim.  The most important brick workout is the bike to run transition, because it's the most difficult.  I'm learning why!

When I've been cycling for a half hour and get off and start to run ... well!  Let's just say, I know now why they call it a brick!  That's what my legs feel like.  I feel like I can hardly lift them and the running motion feels stiff and jerky.

Tonight, when we got home from a wonderful trip to SC to visit with my extended family, Coty and I went out for a bike ride.  After a warm-up ride, I did an interval workout which included pedaling 65-70 revolutions in 40 seconds.  That's spinning really fast, folks!  I had a recovery period of 2 minutes (pedaling easy) and then the 40 second pedaling fast again - repeated ten times!  I was breathing hard, but I do enjoy these bike interval workouts - much more than running intervals.

While we were cycling, the sky was pink and coral - a really beautiful sunset.

When we finished our ride, I did a little brick - a half mile run, just to continue getting used to the feel of the bike to run transition.

Then I swam.  It was dark.  The cicadas were chirring.  The air was warm.  The water was perfect.  When I finished my laps, I just floated on my back, looking up at the cloud studded dark sky.  Breathing.  Relaxing in the water.  Feeling that wonderful tiredness after a good workout.

This week, I'm going to be including more brick workouts.  My book also tells me that I should be working on core strength.  So, that will go into the mix, too.

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