Monday, July 23, 2012

Tri-training: A brick today

Monday morning, not too hot ... yet.  I decide, with counsel from Coty, to do a brick workout.  I read about this one, but I'm not ready for one so long, yet.  So we decide that this is what I will do:

Aim to cycle for a total of 65 minutes and run 25 minutes.  Like this:

Bike 15 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Bike 10 minutes
Run 10 minutes 
Bike 10 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Bike 10 minutes
Run 5 minutes
Bike 20 minutes

Because I can't keep track in my head, I have to write the progression down somewhere!

The first bike ride is fine.  The first run kills, especially because we live at the bottom of a hill and no matter which way you go out of the driveway, you have to go uphill before long.  So, I just put one foot after another and hope the vultures lazily circling high in the summer blue sky don't think I'm roadkill.  I make it around the loop and back to the bike.  Time to pedal again.

The second ride is fine.  The second run, though, is even worse and it's longer.  Coty cycles along beside me and talks to me, which is mildly distracting (that's a good thing).  I keep going.  We pass a neighbor walking her dog and she politely says, "Good morning, how are you?"  (How do I look?  No, I didn't say that).  I reply, "Terrible, at the moment."  She laughs and tells me I look great, but I know she's lying.

On the third bike ride, we pass the same neighbor again.  This time I call out to her, "I feel a lot better now."  As we pass, she asks if I'm training for something, and as I whiz on by I shout, "A triathlon."  She shouts, "Yaaaaaay!!!!"  I pedal just a little faster, gliding on the cheer.  Surprisingly, when I get back to the house, rack my bike, take off my helmet and start running, I don't feel so bad.  I think my legs are getting used to this.  The hill doesn't feel so hilly and my quads don't feel quite so stiff.  Hmmm.  This is good.

On the fourth bike ride the uphill pedaling is starting to feel really hard, even in the highest gear.  Huff, puff, huff, puff up the hills.  Wheeeeeeeeee down the hills.  The fourth run actually feels good.  I am getting used to this.  My legs are tired, but I'm pretty sure I will not be mistaken for roadkill now.

The final bike ride is lovely.  Longer and slow, with a few stretches of hard pedaling.  On an uphill stretch along the way, I think about a tall glass of lemonade.  That thought stays with me the rest of the ride.  I'm pedaling for lemonade now.

I pedal into the driveway, take off my helmet, bend over and stretch out a little and then make a beeline for the freezer.  Inside the house, stir it up, and pour that tall glass I was imagining.  Oh, is it good!  So tart and cold and perfect!

I put on my swimsuit, but no laps today - just lovely floating and easy movement in the water.  I don't know when I have ever enjoyed the feel of the water more.  

After a few minutes of cooling down in the pool, I stretch on the deck and enjoy the feel of tired muscles.  I've worked hard and I think my muscles have learned something today.  I think they're starting to remember the feel of going from cycling to running and getting used to it.  I think I actually might be able to do this.

PS I still don't like running but I'm starting not to hate it. That's progress, right?

Happy Monday!


Bonnie said...

Love your new headliner. I do think of you Beth training when I am in the pool. Much easier to be in water than to bike or run in this summer heat.

Kristi said...

I'm so proud of you Beth! You are definitely an inspiration! Keep it up :).

Kathie said...

I am totally impressed. Good for you Beth!