Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our sari quilt(s) are done!

You read that correctly.  Yes, quilts.  Plural.

When we took our "diamond" quilt to Rebecca last week, she told us that the saris we had stitched together for the backing would not work.  She couldn't guarantee, as stretchy as the material is, that it wouldn't buckle and gather when quilted.

Instead, she suggested that we use it as a second quilt top.  She donated fabric to back both quilts and Thursday, much sooner than I anticipated, I will be picking them up.  I can't wait to see them!

Our original quilt on one of Rebecca's long-arm machines (above)
and the thread we chose for the quilting (below).
Vibrant gold yellow.  So bright.  So India!

The surprise quilt and the thread to be used in quilting it.
Can't wait to see all these colors together!

Rebecca is a real pro and a super-generous and lovely woman.
We are so thankful for her participation in this project!

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