Thursday, July 19, 2012

Needle and ThREAD #8: Knapsack sewing

Well, the sari quilt is at the long-arm quilters.  There's an exciting twist to that story, but I'll save it for when the quilt(s)! are done.

For now, with my sewing table cleared of sari fabric and quilt pieces and my backpacking sister-in-law here, I'm working on a knapsack project.

Laura had a couple of old knapsacks that she loved to use for day hikes.  After years of use, they were beginning to show their age.  Instead of searching for something new, she asked if we could copy the pattern to make new knapsacks.  I've never made knapsacks before, but working with Laura on backpacking supplies is always fun, so we dove right in.

First was a trip to Mary Jo's for nylon fabric.  We got the same type of fabric that we used for the water bladder cover.  It weathered the Appalachian Trail hike well, so it was the perfect fabric choice for these bags - that's what we're hoping, anyway!

First we had to deconstruct the bags.  We were reusing all the webbing, straps and buckles, so we had to remove them, but this process also showed me how we had to put the bags together.

Here's the bottom of one of the bags - patched many times over!  Time for a replacement, wouldn't you agree?

We used the pieces of the old bag to make a new pattern.  Gridded wrapping paper works well for this.

This is really figure-it-out-as-you-go sewing.  It's a fun challenge.

Last night, I finished the first flap pocket and today it's on to the other pockets, attaching the webbing straps, putting in grommets for cords, and sewing it all together.   I hope I'll have a finished knapsack to show you later today!

As for reading ...

Finished: A Meal with Jesus and Brideshead Revisited
Still reading: Beauty Will Save the World and The Woman Triathlete
Looking forward to reading with friends:  The Blue Castle
heading to the library for a new stack of quilt books for inspiration for the next quilt!

needle and thREAD

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kkp said...

the bottom of aunt laura's bag makes me laugh- i've been trying to convince jonathan to buy a new small backpack since we first traveled together 4 years ago.