Thursday, July 05, 2012

Needle and ThREAD #6: The squares are done!

Today felt like a momentous day in the sewing room.  Amber and Kristin came to work on the saribari quilt.  Amber did a couple of squares and after she left, Kristin and I kept working til we finished all of the squares we will need.  That's 36!  Count 'em ... 36!  

These are the last two we finished.  We each took our time, carefully choosing some of our favorite fabrics.  But really, these fabrics are all beautiful.

Then we spread them out on the couch and chairs and just sat and looked at them.  We noticed fabrics we used a lot at the beginning and snippets here and there of pieces we only used a little.  We commented on fabrics we were always drawn to and ones that we don't love as much but that fit and blend and add something that wouldn't be there without those particular colors and patterns.

And now there is a stack of completed squares waiting til we gather early next week to make the final decision on the design of the quilt top.  Til then, I will be considering quilt back and binding choices.  We will use sari fabrics for all of this, too, so more playing with these beautiful materials.

Rebecca, who has quilted the wedding quilts I've made, will be using her considerable talent to quilt the saribari quilt and I am very eager to get it ready for her.  Just itching to see it finished!

As for reading this week,

I finished The Optimist's Daughter and am still reading Welty's short stories

Also continuing Beauty Will Save the World and Bioethics.

Started A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester.  This is a loaner from my friend, Amy, that I've had for a loooong time.  Think it's time to read it and return it!

The next novel up is Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, which is the International Arts Movement's Reader's Guild selection for June.  I know, I know, it's July.  What can I say?  I've been sewing!

Happy Thursday, all.

needle and thREAD


kkp said...


i am feeling totally uninspired to finish mine, especially after the crazy lady who lives underneath us came up to complain that we were being too loud last night (we were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards. at 7pm).

Beth said...

So sorry about that crazy lady, kandyce. Wild card playing, I guess! I wish you could come here and sew with me! I'm the only crazy lady around and I don't mind sewing machine sounds - or card playing.

Kathie said...

Lovely lovely quilt blocks! Sigh... why didn't I learn to sew?

Do you like Jane Austin? I'm reading PD James' book - Death comes to Pemberley. Chapter 3 and loving it!

PS - I think my exercise might finally be clicking in. I found myself looking forward to it today - thanks for the encouragement!!

kkp said...

i can't believe you just classified yourself as a crazy lady. never, at least in my book. :)