Tuesday, July 10, 2012

D-day for the Saribari quilt

D as in design, that is.  With all the squares finished, it was time to design both the front (with all the squares) and the back (with extra sari fabric).  Because the quilt is so big (90 x 90 inches), we needed a large enough space that we could spread it all out and walk around and look at it from all angles.  

We used a couple of vinyl tablecloths flipped over so that the flannel-y backsides were up.  We spread them out on my deck and went to work ...

I laid out this first arrangement, knowing it would be changed ... 
just to get our design juices flowing...

Andrea talked about grounding the design with the placement of certain fabrics near each other.

 Kristin (on the left) talked about pattern ...

Amber was looking for movement

Carla's design sense is intuitive, she just knows what she likes and what looks good
(that's why I like to borrow clothes from her ; )

At one point, we realized we were overthinking the details.  We stopped, looked at the quilt in front of us and said, "This is it!  We love it!"

Did you think I was going to show you a full picture of the quilt design?  Sorry, friends.  For that, you will have to wait.  

In the next few days, I will be sewing the squares together to finish the top and working with the fabrics we have chosen for the back.  My goal is to finish the sewing by the end of the week.

After it is quilted, the quilt will be sent to a photographer in August.  It will then be displayed on the Saribari website starting in mid-September.  Our quilt, along with others, will be auctioned in October to raise money for Saribari.  So stay tuned for more information on that!

I promise to give you some more sneak peaks along the way, but I do hope you'll visit Saribari in September to see all the beautiful sari quilts.

For tonight, I am very happy to have our design decisions all made. I am also very thankful for this talented, fun, creative, grace-filled, hard working group of women.  It's been a huge joy to work on the saribari quilt with them all!


kkp said...

oh, shoot. i was so hoping for a photo of what you decided. :) (i worked on my quilt today, too!)

Peg said...

love it :)