Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Running when you are tired ...

Yesterday when I went for that run, it was hot.  Really hot.  And since, as I told you, I'm not a runner, I got tired.  Fast.  I kept telling myself, "Keep going. Running when you are tired makes stronger."

There's a story ...

Long ago, waaay back between his junior and senior years in college,  Coty took a year off to teach math and English at a harambee school in rural Kenya.  In addition to teaching, he coached the runners. One afternoon, he was making his team do an interval workout.  He urged them to do one more and the students protested that they were tired.

"Running when you are tired makes you stronger," he told them.

"No, Mwalimu*," said one weary athlete, "running when we are tired only makes us more tired!"

Well, I was tired yesterday when I got done, but pretty happy with the effort.  I was also very thankful for a husband who not only helps me plan workouts, but biked over to meet me halfway through the workout yesterday with water and encouragement.

And, I was mighty glad today was a pool workout day!

*Mwalimu is the Swahili word for teacher

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