Wednesday, June 06, 2012

In and out

I'm just popping in here for a moment to tell you that I'm back from a wonderful, wonderful week at the beach with my family.  It couldn't have been better ... well, maybe if it had been longer and if some folks had been able to stay the whole week.  But, no complaints here.  We had a week full of fun and games, beautiful beach weather, sunning, swimming, reading, relaxing, eating, laughing (a LOT of laughing), serious conversation, a little bit of work, walking, running, rides in the golf cart, putt-putt, playground visits, and more.

It's the first time in a very long time that our family has gotten together just to be together, without celebrating a wedding or holiday.  What a pleasure to have a week stretched out before us to relax together and enjoy each other without a deadline or a zillion things to do.  Such a gift!

How about a few pictures ...

I said "popping in" at the top because I'm headed out this evening to the 2012 Childlight Conference at Gardner Webb.  I have the privilege of leading a session tomorrow on science, specifically on ways to do science in the younger years that prepares students well for more meaningful, rigorous high school science.  I'm most excited, though, about hearing Makoto Fujimura speak.

Special thanks go to my friend, Bonnie, who was the driving force behind getting Makoto to come to the conference.  It promises to be a very special time.

So, I'll be back next week, happily moving into a summer routine that will, I hope, be slower than the previous months!


Kathie said...

Dear Beth - it looks like you had such a lovely, lovely week. So glad for you!!

Bonnie said...

Wasn't it extraordinary? I keep thinking about language , you know, how to express hearing him and being with him. Gracious! So glad you got to the reception!