Monday, June 18, 2012

I love ...

everything about my new bike, right down to the swirly design on the top tube.

I also love cycling with Coty, who sets a quick pace when he's in the lead and gives me a challenge.  I'm happy to say the Trek and I are up to it!  14 miles on the Greenway today, along the creeks in the dappled shade with a little sprint at the end.  That's a good way to get started in this week in which I will ...

... ramp up my training goals.  I have the great good fortune to be married to a life-long athlete who understands how to mix hard workouts with rest days, speed with endurance.  He's never done a triathlon, but he knows how to train and he's good at analyzing what needs work.  He can determine where I'm weakest and help me train effectively.  He'll be my biggest encourager. 

 So, here we go.  It's a tri-training summer.  

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