Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hearing Makoto

We walked into the old house that serves as a guest house now.  The kitchen was full of acquaintances, people I've seen from previous Childlight conferences, names on nametags that I recognize.  Bonnie's cheerful, gregarious husband, Ken, greeted us and we made our way on in.  Friends were here, an intimate, eager, earnest gathering.

After a few more greetings, a glass of red wine and a few little treats, we moved to the living room where Makoto Fujimura was introduced to us by the woman who made this gathering possible.  I've said it before, but I must say again that I am deeply grateful to Bonnie for making this gathering, this visit by Mako a reality.  Her vision of inviting him to the conference was the spark. 

Bonnie introducing Mako on Thursday night

Thursday night's keynote talk, Culture Care: Creating a Cultural Ecosystem for the thriving of art, culture and humanity was a bit like standing under a waterfall.  Mako's words flowed with refreshing strength and beauty as he spoke of the paintings for the Four Holy Gospelshis work with International Arts Movement, bringing hope, and the creativity that each of us has to offer.

Photos of the Four Gospels Frontispieces, displayed as he talked about them

The impression of Mako's compassion and humility and these words have stayed with me most:

"Today we have a language to celebrate waywardness.  What we do not have is a language - a cultural language - to bring people back home.  Everything I do has something to do with that."

Illuminated letters from the Four Holy Gospels, 
the last slide displayed during his talk.
I gasped at the colors and the beauty 
and then, of course, 
thought quilt!


Amber Benton said...

Beth, thanks so much for posting that quote. Ithat was the one idea that I thought was so important to think about. I was standing outside in the hallway with my foot in the door so I could here while Elijah played on the floor. When he said that it was like being knocked on the head!

Bonnie said...

Incredible rich time lavished upon us by the Lord's grace!