Sunday, May 06, 2012

The weekend in (a very brief) review ...

because I am very tired and will have a hard time being terribly coherent.

Part I - Andrew's graduation from Furman University, Friday and Saturday

In which we go to parties with Andrew's friends on Friday night, enjoy a relaxed morning and very delicious lunch with my parents on Saturday, and get dressed up to attend the graduation ceremony on a gorgeous, balmy Saturday evening and beam with pride and thanksgiving for this third son that we love so much.

Part II - Joel's first NC State Cup Group Match, Sunday afternoon

In which we forget our directions but call another parent also on the road and get there just fine, dress down in our shorts and T-shirts and sit in the hot sun to watch Joel's team, FCCA Premier, win a well fought, exciting, somewhat nerve wracking (for the parents on the sidelines) game, 2-1, and cheer and and clap and gives thanks for this youngest son that we love so much.

And now, 

after a wonderful weekend of watching, enjoying, celebrating these two young men...

with a very full, very thankful heart ...

I'm. going. to. bed. zzzzzzzzzz

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