Sunday, May 20, 2012

The season ends ...

... with a tough loss to a strong Cape Fear team.  I'm betting they'll go on to win the State Cup final tomorrow.  It's always hard to end the season with a loss like today, but the boys played well.

I wore one of my favorite shirts today - given to me by my mom a couple of years ago.  It says, "Nobody trains to make excuses."  So, though the team, plagued by injuries was down to one sub today, no excuses for today's loss.  They could have won if a few things had gone differently -  but they didn't.  Soccer is like that.  Life is like that.  Losing is not the end of the world ... though it may feel like it for the first couple of hours after the game.

So, club soccer season is over ... for a while.  I love it and I'll miss it.

That's my Joel boy, all the way to the right, defending on a corner kick

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