Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Peace on the porch

While Coty, Scotty, Lisa, and Natty swam yesterday afternoon, I minded the baby.  When she fell asleep, I snuggled her onto a comforter on the porch swing.  Whenever the swing slowed, I gave it a gentle push.  Baby Jubilee slept peacefully there for about an hour.

This tells a little story of our porch ... this special place where so many have shared a cup of tea or a glass of wine and conversation by candlelight ... or early morning solitary reading, reflection, rest, and refreshment ... it is a place of peace.


llasblog said...

What could be better? A porch, a baby, happy voices in the background, and a cardinal. And do I hear air conditioning? It really does remind me of my inlaws' porch in Georgia.

I got to spend yesterday adoring a friend's new baby. It *is* fun!

Beth said...

Not sure what that background sound is Laura. Not air conditioning. We haven't turned ours on yet. We prefer the fresh air until it just gets too, too hot. Rather sit on the porch with iced tea. Now that's another southern thing to do, isn't it!