Saturday, May 19, 2012

Needle and ThREAD #2

Earlier this week, my sewing room looked like a fabric bomb went off.  I pulled out my Cameroonian fabric stash and sewed four tote bags for a silent auction at a dinner that Joel and his Human Geography classmates are putting on tonight to raise money for a school in South Sudan.

Meanwhile, Natty, who was hanging out with me for the morning, went through my scrap box and pulled out pieces she liked.  I cut a rectangle of flannel for the back and told her to arrange the pieces on the flannel.  Here's her creation with a few sewing edits to make everything fit.  This is a quilt for her beloved Bubba, the bunny.  A little upgrade from the blanket Bubba carries with her all the time.  Natty was pleased and I thoroughly enjoyed the free style fabric play.  I think it's a little like free writing for a writer or doodling for an artist.  Get's the juices flowing.  It's got me thinking about some other mini-quilts and oh, so eager to get going on the big quilt project of the summer.

In February, Kandyce posted an intriguing and irresistible link on my facebook wall.  I read it and immediately sent an email off to Sarah.

In early March, I received a large package in the mail.  With a whole lot of excitement, I opened it and found 11 new saris, in blues, greens -  chartreuse and cyan, to be more precise - as well as some neutrals, mostly in shades of brown.  That's a LOT of fabric.  Saris are 9-10 yards long.

Aren't they gorgeous!!! So, this summer's first quilt project is to make a queen sized quilt for the saribari auction.

In anticipation of this quilt project, I read these two quilting books.  There are so many great quilting books out there, it was hard to choose!

Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee - The Journey of 12 Women, 1 Blog, and 12 Improvisational Projects by Alissa Haight Carlton and Kristin Lejnieks

The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker: 12 Quilt Projects by Elizabeth Hartman

needle and thREAD


kkp said...

we have two of the same saris. :)

are you bringing yours to the beach to work on??

Jeannine said...

Very interesting...sewing with the Cameroonian fabric and saris. Where do you get them?

Beth said...

We used to live in Cameroon and I collected fabrics at that time. Also, my daughter's in-laws lived there and we've gotten some fabric from her from time to time. The saris were sent to me from saribari for the quilt project. I have been to India and bought fabrics there, as well, but not saris like these! I love fabric from other places. Can you tell?!!