Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Little girls

The other day, I was feeling the weight of some hard and heavy things.  It was sort of a sad day with some bleak situations staring me in the face.  Life is like that sometimes.

Life is also teaching a three year old about honeysuckle.  Natty and I went for a walk the other evening when her parents went out to dinner.  The fragrance of honeysuckle wafted from the roadside and we wandered over to the edge where the blackberries were beginning to bloom.  I picked a few honeysuckle flowers and taught Natty how to pinch the end off and gently pull the style out til the tiny drop of nectar squeezed through.  She touched it to the tip of her tongue and was delighted. We picked a handful of honeysuckle blossoms and she practiced til she got it.

Life these days also includes a good bit of baby minding, baby holding, and baby loving.  Sunday morning I sat in the porch swing and read my Bible.  On the lounge beside me, nestled into a folded over comforter with a light wool throw for a cover, this sweet little girl slept soundly.

Happy to have these little girls (and their parents!) with us for such an extended time.

And happy that about the time they leave, I get to see another special little girl (and her parents!) for her very first trip to the beach.  I'm already thinking about some of the firsts - first time playing in the ocean, first time hunting for shells, first time feeding the turtles in the lake, first time building a sand castle ...


Linda said...

This makes me long for a bit of time with my granddaughters Beth. So very sweet. Praying the difficult days give way to His peace and His way.

Sean and Lisa said...

Hi there Beth! I'm not even sure how I found your blog but am so very happy I did! I've been reading for quite a while now and especially love your posts on feeding your family. You have such a wonderful writing way and enjoy each minute I'm here.
Thank you!

Bonnie said...

Time at the seashore with that special little girl. I can feel the ocean breezes and delight she will feel. Sunshine. Sand. Surf. Grandma.

Beth said...

Minor correction, Bonnie. It's Gramma. And yes, the anticipated delight is tangible!