Monday, April 23, 2012

Not back in the swing yet ...

Sorry, friends.  I'm just not up for writing much right now.  So, how about a few pictures for a Monday...

My sister holding baby Jubilee, 
daughter of our friends, Scotty and Lisa, who are staying with us for a few weeks. 
We all love having a newborn here!

Joel and Natty watching Barcelona and Chelsea. 
Joel is a really great big brother, even though he hasn't had much practice.

DNA lab last week.  
The students loved this one.  
After it was over, they ate their double helices!

The Rhododendron catawbiense var. pinckney (really!)  I purchased this plant shortly after we moved here at the Rhododendron Society Auction.  My former next door neighbors had invited me and when I saw this cultivar's name, I had to buy it!  This year it is the prettiest it's ever been.

The mock-orange is also spectacular this year.  So full of blossosms!

Peonies are just about to pop ...

and Johnny-Jump-Ups have been ... ahem ... jumping up all over the place in the front garden.  
Volunteers abound.  They are so cheery.  
They will flop when the summer hits, but they are awfully pretty right now

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The Unsell Family said...

It brought tears to my eyes to see that picture of sweet Jubilee! :)