Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll get back in the swing of things ...

... and get back to the "What We Did" posts in a day or two.

For now, I am:

: : thinking about how wonderful this past weekend was - spent with women from my college freshman hall.  14 of us gathered at the beautiful Carnegie Guest House at our alma mater for a weekend of reminiscing, talking, laughing, eating, walking, sharing, encouraging.  I am so glad I went.  Thanks for a grand time, Second Watts Women!

: : enjoying the first days with our friends, Scotty and Lisa, and their beautiful daughters, Natalie and Jubilee.  We have a three year old and a newborn in the house now! They'll be with us til later in May.  You may remember that we visited the Misers in Bolivia last summer.  We're so glad to have the privilege of sharing our home with them for a while.

: : washing beautiful saris in preparation for the next big quilt project.  More to come on this!

: : planning for the last classes coming up in the next few weeks.  We're in the home stretch, folks.  I have spring fever, can't wait to be done with teaching and want to finish well. This week it's DNA and double helix models and reviewing the Constitution and Federalist #10.

: : wondering about hand surgery.  I went to my rheumatologist yesterday.  I love my doctor so much, because she listens to all my questions, answers thoughtfully and thoroughly, never rushes me, and tells me what she thinks and why, but doesn't push it on me.   I have a very wonky thumb and she wants me to see a hand surgeon, which I will do on Monday.  She also wants me to think about other medications.  This is all sort of scary to me, but certainly less so, because I trust my doctor and think her counsel is wise.  She referred me to a doctor that she said would "talk to me."  She said there are many excellent hand surgeons in our area, but many "don't talk, they just want to cut."   My doc's words.  Yikes!  I need a doctor that will talk to me.  So, I'm glad my rheumatologist understands that.  Like I said, I love her.

: : missing a certain little someone but delighted that she will be coming, with her Mama and Daddy, to the beach in May!  Here she is wearing my most recent sewing project:

: : thinking about doing this!  It's a triathlon just for women.  I haven't ridden my bike in forever and it will need a major tune-up, but I did start swimming this week.  I walk to the end of the pool and stand there wondering if I really want to dive in, set my stopwatch to 0:00, and adjust my goggles.  Then I push Start on the watch so I won't keep standing there - the watch is going -  I have to dive in.  Soon as I hit the water,  I think I am going to die, it is soooo cold.  Stroke, stroke, stroke, hard and fast and my heart is pumping and I can hardly get my breath from the cold.  After a couple of lengths, things settle down and I settle in and it feels really, really good.  The minutes pass by and then I'm done ... and then, there's just not much that compares with how good you feel when you finish swimming.  I only swam for 10 minutes yesterday and 13 today, but you have to start somewhere, right!  

: : enjoying Erin's new cooking blog and benefiting from her learning and healthy eating advice!  I need to get some coconut oil so I can make this muesli.  It sounds delicious!

OK, that's enough!  Happy Tuesday, you all.


Linda said...

Such a delight to visit with you Beth. I am so glad I found your blog. Good for you - with the triathlon. You are right - little by little it will get done! Cheering you on.

Bonnie said...

Gordan, #4 son who was tutored by Andrew, is training for a triathalon up near Boone in late summer. Wow. You are swimming already.

Lovely granddaughter dress!

Can't wait to see the sari quilt.
oh, so , so pretty!

Amber Benton said...

I've been loving reading your recent posts. I can rival your April fools - we had ramps and bear lettuce when we went home this weekend! In Brevard we did a 12 mile ride in which had my first rated climb - a category 5 (that's the easiest)! I have done two 20+ milers on the greenway but the hills are too short to be rated. Yesterday David and I did a 10 mile 'sprint' - for us anyway. We averaged 12 mph including the gravel part which is a record to me (about 15-16 mph on the pavement). I'm not a swimmer so triathlons are not on my radar, but David wants us to do a Century ride this year. He and Jonathan are going to attempt a 50 mile ride this weekend. We've gotten to know the guys at bike line really well!