Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On this first day of spring ...

: : I went in the pool for the first time this year.  Really!  From the shallow end to the deep end and back.  It was cold but not terrible.  I might actually swim some laps tomorrow if it stays warm.  I've never been in the pool this early!

 : : The Lady Banks rose started blooming. It's full of buds.  Masses of delicate yellow flowers will soon cover this climber.

: : My students made models of chromosomes and demonstrated mitosis and meiosis ... and then they made pizzas.  All with play dough.  I think they learned a lot, and then they were just kids playing with play dough.

: : The redbuds are beautiful.  They are my very favorite flowering tree.  They aren't showy like the tulip magnolias and some of the flowering cherries around here.  I like them because they are a woodland tree.  They grow naturally in the shade of the tall oaks and hickories and splash their color in the understory.  Sometimes when you look out across the woods, you just see a wisp of pink ... floating.  When they leaf out, their heart shaped leaves are distinctive and lovely.

: : That verdant spring green is showing up everywhere - on the growing tips of the boxwood (in the foreground above), in the hostas emerging from the ground, in my front lawn which actually has grass growing all over it for the first time in years.  See it in the top corner of the photo above!  It makes me want to walk barefoot.

: : Joel's soccer team won.  Beautiful warm night.  I stood against the fence at the goal end of the field and watched with another mom.  We chased a few balls that went over the fence, too.  My boy did well.  It was a nice ending to the day.

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suz said...

Lovely pictures. And a delightul site. Thank you for sharing.