Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's catch up a bit ...

Shall we?

Remember the pond pool in the backyard that we uncovered back in February.  It is now beautifully clear and a few brave souls have ventured in.  Actually, with the crazy warm temperatures we've had the past week, Coty's now doing somewhat regular pool running workouts.  Brrrrrrrr!  It's still too cold for me!

I returned from my New England/NY trip to a constant stream of company, all of which I have enjoyed, but I certainly haven't eased back into the routine here.  Oh no.  It was hit the ground running, in a get-to-the- grocery-store and refill-the-pantry, change-the-sheets-every-couple-of-days kind of way.

In addition to company, there was a day of visiting colleges last week - 3 in one day!  We started out the morning in Davidson and then headed to SC to visit PC (my dad and sister's alma mater) and then to Wofford, for a spring soccer game.  We snuck in dinner with my folks and Andrew before the game at a fun local grille in Spartanburg.  You know, fried pickles and sweet tea and waitresses that call you "honey."  Down home southern, with a bunch of good 'ole boys sitting at the bar.  It was all good food and good fun and I was so glad Mama and Daddy and Andrew could meet us.  They headed home and Joel and I headed to the soccer field at Wofford for a gorgeously warm evening of spring soccer complete with pink-tinged clouds as the sun set.  Really, really pretty.

We'll continue to visit colleges, meet with soccer coaches, take admissions tours, and explore the possibilities for Joel for fall of 2013.  And there are ID Camps - 2 this past weekend - for Joel.  Will he be a Terrier, Wildcat, a Blue Hose (yes, you read that right.  Boston has Red Sox, Presbyterian has Blue Hose), or something else???  Stay tuned ...

Yesterday was Coty's birthday.  He got the requested birthday fruit trifle and we enjoyed a Sunday dinner celebration with family and friends.

Our dear friend, David Livingstone, visiting for the ninth year in a row to speak at Perspectives, helped us celebrate.  It is always good to have David here.

In biology class lately, we have dissected flowers ...

and a sheep uterus.  You might not have wanted to know about that last one.  Despite their initial apprehension, my students found this one really fascinating.

We keep up the best we can with our globe-trotting children.  Matthew took two weeks out of classes and went to India on a missions trip.  He visited some of the places where Coty always goes on his India trips and met our little friend, Nani, who was the first to greet Matthew when he arrived in Ventrapragada and the last to say good-bye when he left.

Jonathan and Kandyce are on the way back from their six month sojourn in India with the ISP.  They are currently visiting a friend in a desert oasis (really!).  Next stop after Egypt is Paris.  Pretty sweet second honeymoon, I'd say! 

 Kandyce's photo (thanks k)

I have adventurous children.  They come by it naturally, I think.  Coty and I have been the wandering barques, but for just now, I'm quite content to stay put ... for home to be the port, where my children (and others) can anchor for a time when they need a home cooked meal, an ear, a bed, or a porch swing to sit on.  The challenge is just in getting them all to sail our way at the same time!  

I continue daily quiet sitting outside - sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night.  Sunday morning was particularly beautiful.  The crescent moon was rising in the eastern sky, the outline of the poplar's nerve ending branches was fuzzed with the first new growth of spring leaves, and a lone cardinal began his morning calls.  More voices joined in and it occurred to me, as I listened intently, how certain sounds make me particularly happy - the cow lowing in the pasture beyond the woods, the barred owl hooting from down by the stream.  

That's enough catching up for now.  I've got this week's biology lesson to plan out here on the porch and then a walk to take.

Happy Monday, all!

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