Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yes, I've been AFTB (Absent From The Blog) again.

Instead of writing, I've been ...

: : enjoying a week away in beautiful western Massachusetts, eastern NY where houses are old, and sugar maples drip sap in early March.

the house where Erin and Luke were housesitting when I arrived...

Sugar maples across from Erin's house in NY

: : pushing a stroller with a very precious passenger along a country dirt road, looking across snow covered fields toward the gentle rolling mountains around, listening to owls, and hearing Clara say, "That's a birch tree, Gramma."
the view along Oblong Road, where Clara and I took our walks

: : reading Harold and the Purple Crayon with my little wake-up caller while snuggling in the bed each morning

: : continuing this year of solitude outside each day by sitting outside each night with a cup of tea, looking at the moon and Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades, hearing the wind shuuuuushing through the pines, petting Erin's sweet dog, Sadie, sitting by my side,

: : cooking, cleaning, rearranging with Erin,

: : sharing lunchtime picnics with Coty, Erin, and Clara in the living room and the yard,

: : visiting dear friends,

daughter, mother, mother/grandmother, daughter/mother, daughter/granddaughter!

:  :gazing at the view from Erin's front yard.  Oh, it's pretty country,

: : drawing on the driveway,

: : playing ball,

 : : just being Gramma and Mommy- and nothing else - for a little while.

PS - Another reason I stayed away from the blog for so long is that I was feeling intimidated by Post Number 1000!  As it stared me in the face back in February, before I went to Erin's, I just kept thinking I had to write something profound.  Problem is, I just wasn't feeling it.  I didn't have anything big or insightful or wise to say.  At least, not anything that seemed to warrant the title, Post Number 1000.  So, folks, this is IT -  the thousandth post.  Well, Erin and Clara helped me over that hurdle, didn't they?!  I suppose we can just move on now!


Missy K said...

So good to see these pictures of you enjoying those precious people. The best sort of "landmark" post I think!

Kay Pinckney said...

this was definitely the best 1000th post you could make, a post you'll enjoy looking at later in life!

Bonnie said...

Very beautiful trip in all ways.
Most significant 1000 post!

Scotty and Lisa said...

Glad you're back! I've been wondering what you've been up to and still have great intentions of calling very soon. :) So glad you got time with your girls- looks absolutely beautiful.