Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter ...

finally came to the Carolinas.  

It's cooooooold out there tonight.  Down to 20 and very windy.  (That's cold for us!) 

Joel had his first regular season soccer game this afternoon and we froze!  I had on a hat, gloves, fleece vest, scarf, heavy coat and was wrapped in a blanket.  I really felt for the players on the field.  Joel was so cold when he got in the car.  He said it was hard to talk toward the end of the game, they were all so chilled.  We cranked up the heat and stopped on the way home for hot chocolate.  A hot shower, hot food, and hot tea and we're all warmed up now and happy we don't have to go anywhere tonight. 

I'm a little worried about these guys, though.  The upland chorus frogs have been singing so early this year.  Croaking, really, but since they are called chorus frogs, I'll say they sing!  This is the music we've been hearing for several weeks now. I hope they don't all freeze tonight.

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