Monday, February 13, 2012

Tough Mudder

Today, Thomas (that's child #3, son #2, for any of you who don't know) rose at 3:45 AM, drove 4 hours, ran 11.5 miles (and part of the time his shorts and shirt were frozen), climbed obstacles, swam underneath ice (and had to break through it to get a breath), crawled through tunnels and slogged through mud, dove from a platform and swam across a lake, and finished first in his group of 500.  Wow!  I wish I could have seen him when he finished.

Then he drove home and fixed dinner for his wife, Kay, before they came to the church business meeting.  Wow, again!

not a picture from today ... just one of my favorite recent ones
taken by Kay

I am rather in awe and incredibly thankful tonight for this strong, courageous, determined, kind of crazy, thoughtful, tender, devoted son.  I bet he's going to sleep really well tonight!


Bonnie said...

Wow... a triathalon?
That is awesome!

Beth said...

Not a triathlon, Bonnie. It was an 11.5 mile obstacle race called the Tough Mudder. Pretty crazy!

Amber Benton said...

Kind of crazy - yes, but it's a good crazy!