Monday, February 13, 2012

Tough Mudder 2

Thomas just emailed me the only photo taken yesterday after the race.  He even supplied the caption:

"Think you could keep up with this guy for an 11.5 mile obstacle course?  Think again."

On another note:  After that little cold snap, we are feeling optimistic.  Also, the pool cover had a hole in it, so it wasn't doing its job anyway.  So, today, earlier than ever before, we opened the pool!


and after ...

and in between ...

Taking ice off  and moving the buckets that hold the cover down,

Baling dirty water before taking the cover completely off.  There's no way to get all that water off without some of it going in the pool.  Plus, with the hole in the cover, we were already getting icky water down below.  Now, the clear well water is streaming in and the pump is running.

Wonder how long it will be before the pool man braves the cold water.
Early March, I am predicting.

Even though it's pretty pond-like, it sure is nice to look out the kitchen window and see that sight.
Now to get that bedraggled garden ready for spring.

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