Thursday, February 09, 2012


I came home after teaching and running errands this morning and the first thing Coty said was, "I got your ticket."

Wait!  What!  My ticket???

We'd been talking about dates for a trip for me to visit Erin, Luke, and Clara but I didn't think we'd settled it yet.  But, while I was out this morning, Coty called Erin to make sure the dates we'd mentioned worked for her and then, he got my plane ticket!  Just like that!

Yep, going to see this little girl at the beginning of March!

And her Mama ...

And her Daddy.

Horses, too.

Happy, happy, happy, happy!


Bonnie said...

THAT is wonderful news!
Rejoicing with you.

Kay Pinckney said...

AHHHH that is so much fun!!! I am jealous!