Tuesday, February 07, 2012

About those daffodils

Usually, I see them just barely poking their green tips out at the beginning of January.  I have to hunt for them under the oak leaves and it always gives me a little thrill on New Year's Day to see them.

This year, at the very beginning of the month of January, they were already several inches tall ...

and by the end of the month - crazy early - they were blooming!

I am not complaining. 

The Lenten roses are also beginning their show.

I was told they would spread ... and they have.  I love their glossy leaves and nodding blossoms.

You have to get down on your knees and look up to see the lovely markings and exotic looking flower parts inside.  Such quiet beauties.

And how about this gnarly looking chard plant going gangbusters out back.   Enjoy the sunshine now.  You're headed for soup soon. Something like this, maybe.

See, I told you I would write about daffodils and soup.
Tomorrow you get a dissection.
Cow eyeballs!
Betcha can't wait.

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