Thursday, December 15, 2011

Smells: Fragrant and Otherwise ...

I woke up early and started cutting potatoes and cauliflower for soup.  Made banana bread, too, so that by 9:00 when my students arrived, the house smelled really nice.

My biology students, however, changed that!  Today was a dissecting day.  Sheep plucks which means the sheep heart, lungs, trachea and associated connective tissue.  By the end of two labs and classes, the house didn't smell so good.  There are occasional drawbacks to lab at the kitchen table.  I did assure my students that the plastic tablecloth with roosters and French food names is only used on biology class day.

After classes and dissections were done, Cameryn came to the rescue.  My young friend and I baked Christmas cut-out sugar cookies.  I hadn't done that yet this season, so was happy for the chance to spend some time with Cameryn and bake.  Cam and I mixed the dough and while it chilled, she helped me pull the garland and a few other Christmas decorations out of the attic.  Then she helped me hang the garland over the door by standing in the yard and telling me, "It's a little low on that side.  No, still a little longer.  Now it's drooping there."  Til finally, I got it just right and she gave her approval.  It's nice to have a 13 year old girl with a very good eye around.

Then our dough was chilled and we rolled and cut - Santas, bells, stars, and circles, donkeys, Christmas trees, a whole little nativity scene in sugar cookies, teddy bears and snowmen.  Cookies went in the oven for 8 minutes and the house smelled good again.


Michelle said...

Love that kid! I wish I could borrow her to help me make cookies next week.

Bonnie said...

Cookies after Biology Lab!
What fun! Have to do that next week with my Emma and maybe anyone else around!

Carla said...

Thank you dear, sweet friend for loving on and enjoying my girl last week. What a treat for me to read this post and see both of my children's faces on your blog. I miss them so... being up here in Boston. So wonderful to read this today! Thank you sweet Jesus! And thank you sweet sister! I love you both!