Monday, December 19, 2011

A six (plus) child day

I got to speak with every one of my children today!

First, we skyped with Erin and Clara. While we were talking to them, my cell rang and it was Jonathan calling from India to ask if I wanted to get on skype.  I suggested that since Erin was online, that he and Kandyce talk with her first and then skype with us, so that's what we did.  It was funny to have J and K telling me that Clara told them she was going to get a package from me, a fact I had just told her minutes before.  The news went from North Carolina to New York state to Tamil Nadu state in India and back to NC in the space of a few minutes.  This is still rather mind-boggling to me.

Andrew and Joel are here, Matthew arrived this afternoon, and Thomas came over for dinner.  So that makes six!

In addition, one of our "adopted" daughters, Jenn, arrived yesterday - that's why it was a six (plus) day.

And now, everyone who's coming home this year is here. (except Kay wasn't here tonight - she had to babysit, but of course she'll be here - the first Christmas for T and K as a married couple!)

Thomas and Joel

Matthew, Jenn, and Andrew

What to do the first night we're together?  Finish decorating the tree, drink Russian tea, eat treats, and play a rousing game of Pictionary.


kkp said...

we miss you guys so much.

Missy K said...

What a blessing to see all those faces smooshed together, and to think of a happy mamma!