Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A little birthday free verse ...

On this day 23 years ago
You entered the world
But once it was your time
You came at record speed
Scaring the midwives,
Scaring your daddy,
Making me focus on the task at hand
by relaxing while others 
did the worrying for me.
Cord around your neck,
Alice's expert hands
Helped you through,
and then oxygen blowing on your face
While I shivered uncontrollably
and ate Aunt Laura's goody balls,
Blankets heaped high.

If any of us had been prophets
at your birth,
Instead of greatly relieved,
and overjoyed
and helpers,
We would have said ...

"Thomas is here.
Let the fun begin."

sorry for the dark, fuzzy photo, but I just love the laughter and the expression on Thomas's face!

Happy 23rd birthday, Thomas.  

Thank you for all the fun, the laughter and excitement; for the way you love Kay and all the obvious intentional ways you show it; for the ways you love your family and your thoughtfulness and devotion; for reaching out to others -  organizing football games for younger kids, late night gas station Christmas parties, and so much more.  Thank you for the ways you have embraced and shared learning, for the ways you enrich the lives of the people you work with; for your insight and compassion, your hard work and your heart.

I'm a very thankful Mother - though I still think it's funny when you call me by that name!

I love you.


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