Tuesday, December 06, 2011

49th Tuesday

When I started this post, it was still Monday ... just barely.  Now it's Tuesday afternoon and I've spent most of the day grading biology lab reports and AP government free response questions (frq's) and trying to figure out how to weight the grades and figure averages for the semester so far.  This is the part of teaching I really don't like.   But I have reason to give thanks!  My former professor husband came down and helped me figure it all out and set up a spreadsheet for me.  So, I am very thankful for ...

2123.  an experienced grader, spreadsheet whiz, and patient husband to walk me through it!

I had a whirlwind of a weekend, full of soccer and boys and soccer families and college coaches and sunshine and soccer.  Yeah, soccer.

Joel's club team played in a college showcase tournament and won all three of their games, all shut-outs.  It was very fun to watch the guys playing together again -  the first time since last spring.  If this weekend was any indication, this is going to be an exciting soccer season.

Wait, you're saying.  I thought soccer season just ended.  That's funny.  Soccer season never ends.  Not around here.  It just shifts to a different team, different fields, different opponents.

I was happy to get away this weekend and really have nothing to focus on but following my mapquest directions (no, I don't have a gps.  I'm old fashioned that way), getting to fields on time, taping Joel's ankle, and watching a ball get kicked around a field.  Sometimes it's good for your brain to step away from all the normal activities and do something completely different for a couple of days. Very restful.

I didn't think about sheep heart dissections or campaign finances or what to cook for dinner.  I didn't vacuum or do laundry.  Wait, I take that back.  I did wash Joel's green uniform in the hotel bathtub before the third game, using his very manly scented body wash.  Quite a fragrant uniform in that last game.  Maybe that's why he did so well - he scored the only goal in that game on a header from a corner kick.  If you don't know what that means, then you probably don't keep a fold-up chair in your trunk or have a shoe rack outside your door filled with cleats.  You probably don't shout, "Unlucky" or "Clear it!" either.

Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend with my #5 son and found myself over and over again feeling incredibly thankful for ...

2124. the opportunity Joel has to play
2125. his health and strength - gifts from God
2126. the "squeaky clean", above reproach reputation he has among his teammates
2127. a nice man at Auto Zone who assured me that the check engine light wasn't a problem (he was right)
2128. safe travel
2129. time to get to know parents and teammates better
2130. seeing Joel reading his Bible in the hotel room

2131. trustworthiness, yes I let him stay in Chapel Hill and drive back on his own to Raleigh after the Carolina game we went to on Saturday evening.  He went to dinner with a friend who just happened to be a girl (not a girlfriend, though he got plenty of grief from his teammates!)
2132. teamwork - among players and families
2133. an athlete husband/father who understands and encourages
2134. gorgeous, perfect sunny weather all weekend

Shortly after we got home, it was time to head to church for the Children's Choir Christmas program and potluck.  I sat in my seat, holding a friend's six month old giving thanks for ...

2135. that precious little guy on my lap and his beautiful mother
2136. sweet, young voices
2137. a dedicated, creative, patient, talented, fun choir director
2138. people who cook and share delicious food - I've always loved potlucks!
2139. hugs from little people

I was mostly a spectator this weekend - a relaxed, happy, thankful spectator.  It was good.  Yesterday and today, it's back to work.  And that's good, too.

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Kristi said...

Oh, I love it!! Especially Benjamin's serious face :). Thank you for your kind words.