Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Welcome November

I guess.

I must confess.  This is not my favorite month.  It is the month when ...

...the cold creeps in and the golden glow of hickories in the sun out back disappears.

...the pool cover goes on and I look out my kitchen window at a black eyesore.

...I am always chilly in the house, unless I'm bundled under my duvet with the heating pad on, sitting in front of a space heater, or wrapped in sweaters and shawls.

BUT, I will turn my thoughts away from the complaints and give thanks!

Because it is also the month of...

... tea and comfort food

...blustery walks and flying geese

...seeing almost all of my children and much of my extended family at Thanksgiving.

These are days of more quiet reflection as thoughts turn to the gifts we have been given and how we might more fully give back.

This November, I join one dear friend in paying closer attention to how I spend money, especially on food, and giving more away.  This could mean not just giving money, but sharing more meals with others -  friends, family, and strangers.  I join many others in making this a month, not just a day, of thanksgiving.

Yes, welcome November.  I may grow to love you more this year.

Multicolored rice and grains from the Korean grocery

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