Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Over the river and through the traffic ...

...and we made it to Grammie's house.  I'm very glad Coty likes to drive because I would not have enjoyed navigating the traffic in the mist and dark.  But we're here, and now I am waiting for a car load to arrive from North Carolina and a truck to pull in from New York state.  The boys and Kay from NC and Erin, Luke, and Clara from NY may all be pulling in here at the same time - right around 2 AM.

The next few days will have plenty of happy, noisy chaos and some quiet times, too.   Clara will get to see all the people whose names she's been practicing.   We will eat and talk and laugh a lot.  We'll go for walks and play some games.  There will be football on Thanksgiving morning and many hands to prepare food for a crowd.  We'll squeeze everyone into a picture and hope we all smile or at least look half-way decent at the same time.  On Friday, some of us will go to the zoo.  

Five of our six children will be here.  All but two of the twelve cousins.  Some spouses, fiances, and a few other assorted relations and friends.  This will be a full house.

I am very thankful to be here.  Thankful for the chance to see family members we don't see often enough, thankful for the gift of gathering.

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Missy K said...

I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!