Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Office

No. Not that one. 

The office I'm referring to used to look sort of like this, (this link should take you to a photo of William F. Buckley's home office).  Coty's office is considerably smaller, with far fewer lamps and lights and with more paper on the floor.  Only now the paper is all gone.

I have spent the past three weeks, while Coty was away in India, digging everything out of his office, sorting, tossing, painting, moving, building, purchasing, sewing, and totally remaking the space in which he spends much of his working time.

It was a super secret operation.  He didn't have a clue.  Oh, a few other people knew, and some of them were were worried on his behalf.  What if I threw out something he needed?  What if I got rid of important papers?  What if he couldn't find things?  All valid questions.  All I can say is I tried very hard to be careful in my tossing.  I examined every piece of paper before it went in the trash can.  The ones I didn't throw away are neatly stacked in another room awaiting his perusal.

Special thanks go to Thomas, Kay, and Joel who helped me move every book and bookshelf out of the room; to Chandra who came with her stud finder, level, and drill and helped me install the double track shelf brackets; and to Amber and Carla who gave moral support and design advice and approval.  Thanks to them, I left the shelves their natural color with only a satin polyurethane finish.

Just in time for his return home yesterday, the reading lamp was mounted on the wall above his new chair, the last pictures framed and hung, and the trash can emptied.  When I was finished, I just sat in his chair and looked around the room at the pictures of our family, at the poem Erin wrote for him before her wedding and the pictures of the two of them together, at the track and cross-country awards, the photos from India and Kenya, and the map of the world.

I felt like it is finally right.  It is a fitting place for Coty now.  It reflects this man who loves his family so deeply and wisely, who serves the church so diligently and faithfully, who goes to far-away places because he is asked to come, to teach pastors who are hungry for greater depth and knowledge of God's word.

It is really a lovely room now.  Would you like to see? (sorry, the pictures are a little dark.  They were taken early this morning)...

Looking in from the hallway.  
The tray table is one Coty brought home from Pakistan years ago, the fly whisk a gift to him from one of his African students during the Williams days; the chair and picture rail, Ikea; the pillow, my creation
Looks a little different doesn't it, Rachel!

New reading light, new curtains easy to slide on cafe rings ...

closet door removed and shelves repositioned to make a printer and office supplies closet with...

paper supplies cleverly concealed!

I do love this new curtain fabric.  It looks Indian to me. 
Thank you, Hancock Fabrics for having it on sale just when I needed it! 
The pictures to the right of the curtain are of 
Coty's first time living in Kenya - before I knew him!  
A young Coty with his host father, 
and the family of one of the teachers he worked with. 
 I love these old pictures.

new computer desk (thank you, Salvation Army) and more family pictures...

and perhaps my favorite part, 
built in wall-to-wall bookshelves across the whole 10 foot width of the wall.
The throw across the back of his office chair is one that
Thomas and Andrew brought back from Burkina Faso
in 2007.  

And now, I think I'll make a cup of tea and go up and sit with my sweetheart...


Scotty and Lisa said...

Oh! I remember you saying you might embark on this project when he went to India again. Good for you!! Did he like it??

Coty said...

He did! Very much!